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In a nutshell: use Autocad12 ASCII DXF format to get 2d data from dwg files into Blender 2.58 using free software Draftsight or Autodesk online dwg tool if you do not have Autocad.

The long story:

Blender importers have kept changing over time. At the time of writing this article I have tested Blender 2.58 and the imported formats I could find useful in this matter are .3ds .dxf and .svg

The most used format in the architectural world remains DWG files from Autocad, and as Blender does not import dwg you’ll have to have an intermediate software to view edit and export your files.

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What a long title! I updated this info for Blender 2.59

When building an architectural 3d model, the simplest and fastest way to get my cad-dwg reference into Blender is by inserting it as a raster image mapped to a plane. To make the best of this method, I also want to scale the plane so the drawing is at correct size and then have everything positioned neatly.


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First an admiring nod at the new splash screen:

blog-blender 2.58

The new Blender 2.58 release comes with a new tiny but useful feature, “empty image display”

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Last week I was doodling something to use solidify on, I didn’t go too far on details or materials and it came out like this:


When modelling for architectural visualisation in Blender you don’t want to miss the solidify tool. It is a precision tool and replaces for me the simple offset function any cad software has and Blender still lacks. I was happy to find it has been improved with the new Blender release and upgraded from the mesh menu to the modifiers panel with some extra useful settings.

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Flying in space

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Today I discovered “Fly navigation” in the view menu. Shortcut Shift+F. This is also my first screencast test so if you are not fond of long pointless amateur mute screencasts you might want to skip this.

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