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These days I am getting outside my usual line of work with some renders that are on the graphical side of 3d art. As I have written before, I am involved with RenderStreet: a growing online render farm developed by a team of close friends (..and family). Now I am going to produce some new graphics for the website as there has been a lot of work involved in building this but the graphics part was a bit left behind. One thing we agreed upon is that any graphical work, including the logo, will be entirely rendered in Blender. This way all visitors to the site could immediately feel at home! The project is called RenderStreet and I am an architect, so a little architectural imagery is bound to pop up (though I have a secret page layout in preparation that will escape the archviz curse and bring a little more fun. I’ll make that the topic of a future post).
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Weekend special – exterior rendering

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Over the weekend I had a little time and suddenly decided to patch up and embellish a simple model I had made some time ago to illustrate a post on the solidify modifier. I had it in the gallery and it was a bit of an eyesore, hope it looks better now.

It is not a real design so don’t look too far into its architecture (or I’d rather say… please don’t!), I didn’t bother much with the measurements… it just grew there…

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Currently blending… house+dusk+lake

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I’m still in the “finishing stage” with this one, have been at it for some time and would really want to get on to something else, but I’m very slow at rounding it up – meaning the final color adjustments, maybe some detail twitching, the perfect crop… this is what happens when I’m the “client”! Well, next week I really mean to put this into the gallery and the file on a shelf. These trees are killing me 🙂 I would love to get a bit of feedback!


Just a bit of fun

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Instead of testing Cycles glass settings and working on her archviz portfolio Blendermama got carried away with season mirth. With all the renders of snowmen and Santa and ornaments around and having developed a sort of addiction for Blenderguru contests I couldn’t help giving the Xmas one a try. I think this is the lightest 3d image I ever made, seems that I am expanding my portfolio! The image above is just a peep in the scene, still working on it, guess what’s going on? 🙂 I’m also rendering it with Cycles, works great! I’ll post the finished image in a couple of days.


Currently blending – Cycles with GPU

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Santa came around earlier this year and brought me a new Video Card and wow what a difference regarding Cycles!
What yesterday rendered in 40 minutes now went down to less than 3. So now I can decently test the new render engine everybody raves about 🙂
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