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These days I am getting outside my usual line of work with some renders that are on the graphical side of 3d art. As I have written before, I am involved with RenderStreet: a growing online render farm developed by a team of close friends (..and family). Now I am going to produce some new graphics for the website as there has been a lot of work involved in building this but the graphics part was a bit left behind. One thing we agreed upon is that any graphical work, including the logo, will be entirely rendered in Blender. This way all visitors to the site could immediately feel at home! The project is called RenderStreet and I am an architect, so a little architectural imagery is bound to pop up (though I have a secret page layout in preparation that will escape the archviz curse and bring a little more fun. I’ll make that the topic of a future post).
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It’s been awfully cloudy and dark last week around here but I got all the Sun I needed… in Blender at least! My client asked for a quick sun study on his project and I remembered looking at a cool add-on sometime ago. It’s called Sun Position, just download and add it to your addons list.
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Remesh modifier

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This was supposed to be my “weekend quick fun render” but instead we made a snowman and other real weekend things so I didn’t get to it until today. It’s not a finished and polished image, just a fun test I spent a couple of hours doing. I had the idea I could use the new Remesh modifier in Blender 2.62 to make some kind of feature wall so I put in some bar stools and played a bit with the settings.
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Finished project – Cycles interior

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Today I needed to have one nice finished Cycles scene as a test for something my husband is working on (later I will write about this too) so I dropped everything else and finished my pet Cycles interior scene.
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Christmas competition entry

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..and here it is! Merry Christmas! 🙂
..Are they helping with decorating the tree or are they helping themselves to some Christmas candy?…

I used Cycles for this, here are some production details:
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