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Hi, I’m back to work! It has been a long hot summer on the playground.. but while I was doing Mommy stuff others have been busy.

I’m proudly presenting Render Street, an online farm project I’m part of. The other part is my husband Sorin and his partner Marius. From his desk positioned next to mine in our home, Sorin has watched me struggle several times, trying to use a couple of online render services to be able to finish projects on schedule. While I was mumbling annoyed words about uploading being a mess and render times too slow he said “wait, we could easily do something like this that would work!”.
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Just talking

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What is THAT? you will ask. Well nothing exactly, I was playing around a bit to unwind after “serious work”. I opened Alchemy, a fun random drawing software I sometimes use for “doodling”. When an interesting shape took form, I saved it as svg, opened it in Inkscape to clean it a bit, then in Blender. It imported as a planar curve object, so I converted it to mesh, made a random selection of vertices and moved it around a bit and got this. Not particularly useful in real life projects but I needed an image at the top of my post to draw your attention 🙂
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Getting a social life

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No, I’m not going out more, to drinks with friends in town… you’ve probably guessed – I’m getting a Blendermama Facebook page up.
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Blender Wiki improved

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Really nice surprise, the Blender Wiki pages look much more organised and updated and easy to read. There are different release wiki parts and I think much has been added to the current 2.5 version. There are also many translated pages.

Blender 2.5 Wiki


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Blender 2.59

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I have returned from a short internetless vacation and was happy to find:


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