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Remesh modifier

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This was supposed to be my “weekend quick fun render” but instead we made a snowman and other real weekend things so I didn’t get to it until today. It’s not a finished and polished image, just a fun test I spent a couple of hours doing. I had the idea I could use the new Remesh modifier in Blender 2.62 to make some kind of feature wall so I put in some bar stools and played a bit with the settings.
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Finished project – Cycles interior

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Today I needed to have one nice finished Cycles scene as a test for something my husband is working on (later I will write about this too) so I dropped everything else and finished my pet Cycles interior scene.
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Happy new 2012 blending!

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I don’t really like New Year resolutions because it makes me look back at previous year resolutions not materialised and feel guilty. But you can’t go through all the New Year fuss without looking back at all, and there I saw dragging behind me a couple of unfinished projects. So this was my “resolution”: to finish these fast, put them behind me and get back to the blank canvas, start new ideas and do better stuff.

I wish you all a very good, prosperous and creative year!

(featured image: easel and curtain detail from interior image I’m trying to finish, rendered in Cycles)

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The addiction of virtual visualising

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3D visualisations for architecture are a necessary tool but at one point this can become an addiction. Here I am, blending a simple picture display for my living room wall. It’s true my husband is not an architect and it’s a good idea for him to have a clear image of what’s in my head before he starts hammering nails in the wall. But the hidden truth is that I just can’t help doing it.
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Cycles wood floor

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I said I would make a separate post for the floor material, this is how it turned out after some more nodes knitting.
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