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Line drawing in Blender

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Today I just felt like doing something else and the last scene I blended seemed suitable for an orthographic edge render.
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Cycles wood floor

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I said I would make a separate post for the floor material, this is how it turned out after some more nodes knitting.
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I haven’t upgraded my computer yet but having a bit of time on my hands I was tempted again to test Cycles.
The new BETA official 2.61 release shows a friendlier Cycles but I’m still a bit confused with material and even light settings.
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Mirrored glossy reflections trouble

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In short: glossy reflections don’t get reflected in plain mirrors, setting the mirror depth to zero is an imperfect solution.

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Generated Mapping and Texture Space

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In a nutshell: use Shift+T, G, S and axis constraints to move and scale the Texture Space and position a tileable texture with Generated Mapping. Find precision Texture Space settings in the object data panel.
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