Weekend special – exterior rendering


Over the weekend I had a little time and suddenly decided to patch up and embellish a simple model I had made some time ago to illustrate a post on the solidify modifier. I had it in the gallery and it was a bit of an eyesore, hope it looks better now.

It is not a real design so don’t look too far into its architecture (or I’d rather say… please don’t!), I didn’t bother much with the measurements… it just grew there…

I still have to learn to integrate 3d trees well and spend some more time on this, they look rather cg I’m afraid. I love using sapling though! I used it for the plants in the planter too.

It is rendered with Blender Internal and I also post processed it quite a bit this time in Gimp and added the sky and the tree shadow in the foreground. The plain render looks like this:

Just at the end I discovered my light settings were messed up and though I kept feeling something is off my cold stopped me from seeing the 10 meters AO gather distance that was supposed to be 1 m or less. If I feel like it I’ll try rendering again with the good setup and see if improves… but there is some action that makes my default settings change, if I discover it I’ll post about it.

I think I overdid the contrast but I think I’ll leave it like this and get on to something else. I decided I will try to do something small (and possibly fun) every weekend to add to the gallery, not sure I will manage to stick to such ambitious plan.

Have a great week!