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Whether your scene could use them for a bit of extra detail and realism or just because the client requested it – you have to be prepared to insert them: the happy, carefree cutout people 🙂 (yes, they are usually smiling)
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Compositing a Graphic look

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Inspired by some cool tutorials on postporcessing archviz illustration styles, I tried my hand at using Blender’s Compositor for creating this type of image. The original tutorial used Sketchup+Photoshop and this I think would be easy to recreate with Blender+ps or Gimp, but I took the challenge to mix it all in the Compositor.
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Line drawing in Blender

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Today I just felt like doing something else and the last scene I blended seemed suitable for an orthographic edge render.
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Finished project – Cycles interior

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Today I needed to have one nice finished Cycles scene as a test for something my husband is working on (later I will write about this too) so I dropped everything else and finished my pet Cycles interior scene.
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Blending in the kitchen

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My own kitchen has seen a great deal of blending this year in the form of creamy soups or fruit puree but now I have put it into my computer Blender. I’m trying to decide on some extra shelving that we’ll  probably get from Ikea.

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