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Blendermama 100

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Welcome to my number 100 post on Blendermama!

I have started this blog in 2009 so maybe 100 is not that large a number for the given period. I had first met Blender a long time ago (almost 10 years actually) but the “mama” part was added that year.  I have made some stops on the way, stumbled a bit over the 2.5 threshold, promised stuff then didn’t make time to deliver it. The Blender world and archviz industry are both moving fast around me and I feel it’s a tough task to keep a blog afloat and interesting on this subjects on a mum-working-from-home schedule.
But I am very pleased. Blendermama is my pet project and pressing “publish” on my 100th post will put a big smile on my face! Working with Blender and connecting with the Blender community is important to me.
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Just talking

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What is THAT? you will ask. Well nothing exactly, I was playing around a bit to unwind after “serious work”. I opened Alchemy, a fun random drawing software I sometimes use for “doodling”. When an interesting shape took form, I saved it as svg, opened it in Inkscape to clean it a bit, then in Blender. It imported as a planar curve object, so I converted it to mesh, made a random selection of vertices and moved it around a bit and got this. Not particularly useful in real life projects but I needed an image at the top of my post to draw your attention 🙂
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…in between projects

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I have happily finished my current project so I have some time now to finish a nice new post for the “how to” section. I’m even looking up html syntax to make nice links inside the post! I’m showing just a bit of wireframe so you know it was a “dense” week 🙂 Just needed to say, Blender and BI didn’t let me down. Can’t wait to get on to the new 2.62 release this week!

There were a lot of multiplying modules in this one, so I used a lot of arrays and instances (alt+D). It wasn’t so bad but I kept feeling there should be a better way for doing this. The arrays are good but too rigid,  the repetitions had voids here and there so I had to stop the array and make a new one. I want now to experiment with dupliverts, but after my first tests today.. at first I liked them and then I realised maybe I wasn’t getting much more from it than from just instancing. I’ll have to test some more, should try to make a personal project around this. I also remember seeing a post some time ago about an improved array modifier but can’t find it right now…


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Getting a social life

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No, I’m not going out more, to drinks with friends in town… you’ve probably guessed – I’m getting a Blendermama Facebook page up.
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Happy new 2012 blending!

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I don’t really like New Year resolutions because it makes me look back at previous year resolutions not materialised and feel guilty. But you can’t go through all the New Year fuss without looking back at all, and there I saw dragging behind me a couple of unfinished projects. So this was my “resolution”: to finish these fast, put them behind me and get back to the blank canvas, start new ideas and do better stuff.

I wish you all a very good, prosperous and creative year!

(featured image: easel and curtain detail from interior image I’m trying to finish, rendered in Cycles)

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