Blendermama 100


Welcome to my number 100 post on Blendermama!

I have started this blog in 2009 so maybe 100 is not that large a number for the given period. I had first met Blender a long time ago (almost 10 years actually) but the “mama” part was added that year.  I have made some stops on the way, stumbled a bit over the 2.5 threshold, promised stuff then didn’t make time to deliver it. The Blender world and archviz industry are both moving fast around me and I feel it’s a tough task to keep a blog afloat and interesting on this subjects on a mum-working-from-home schedule.
But I am very pleased. Blendermama is my pet project and pressing “publish” on my 100th post will put a big smile on my face! Working with Blender and connecting with the Blender community is important to me.
In case you don’t have the time to read through, I’ll mention now that I’ve put a little bonus file towards the end of the post.

So now to the 100 post. This gave me writer’s block! I had some light subjects up my sleeve, on b-mesh bugs and small tips but I had to put those on hold in look of a nicer suitable subject. I also needed a “cover” for my FB page since it changed to timeline when I was too busy to take care of it and I was sadly coverless. I mused all the Easter holiday over the matter and was more and more stumped by what I should post about. Finally a particular train of thought started to form: blog – Internet – forum – public space – meeting place – community – happy people – cool sculptural forms – exterior/interior space – 100 – mom and kid playing – blue sky…. OK this could work 🙂

So that you don’t have to wait another month for a new post I decided to start on a stylised image, work the composition out (now you might have noticed I aimed to fit the FB layout) and if I still like the setup in a week I could take this scene further with more detail, texturing and light and some green stuff like a public space should have. For now, the scene is minimal:

I am using the candidate release for the Blender 2.63 version with B-mesh and I’m getting used to it. I advise you don’t use B-mesh releases on important projects until the official one comes out (that’s very soon anyway), I tried that and almost lost the file completely. But bug aside, the new system is looking very good. I can work exactly the old way if I want, but I don’t because using the new features is useful. So next on my list will be that modeling for architecture article needed in the “How to” section.

For now I’ll tell you about the people in the image, png cut-outs on planes.

What I ideally want to do with my collection of cut-out people is have them all converted in blend files and scaled at the right size so when in need I could easily populate a large scene directly in Blender by appending. It is a bit time consuming and I haven’t finished arranging many files yet, but it will be a big time saver on a quick project if I manage to do it. Without this, it was easier for me on my recent projects to add them in Gimp, but the work flow is not too great, especially as I find Gimp still lacking in layer organisation and control. You might think I worry too much about this but the fact is my clients usually ask for well populated scenes and get particular on details, like not putting someone with a warm scarf in the same scene with someone in shorts.

The silhouette effect in the image was achieved in Compositor:

For anyone wanting to play with this scene I’m uploading here a version of the file: plaza-bmesh

It contains the scene without the people and their compositing I’m afraid, as I am not sure about the right to distribute the textures this way. This version also uses a procedural sky texture instead of the photo one, it’s something I have made myself and it proved useful in some projects. If you care to try it, it should render like this:

Happy blending!





  • I love shadow people. 🙂

  • Carrozza

    Hi Oanav, first of all congratulations for your 100th post!
    That’s quite an achievement, I think is hard to keep a blog alive with so many things to do in our lives.

    I like a lot the “thoughts train” that drove you to this scene, and indeed it looks peaceful and happy.

    Geez, we do know that people need a bit of peace and happyness these days.

    As Maria said, the shadow people effect is very nice.

    Brava! ^__^

  • Oana

    Thanks 🙂 your sustained feedback was always of great help!

  • jarope


    just found Blendermama so here to the next 100 plus posts


  • Oana

    Welcome and thanks! 🙂

  • oliver

    Hey, just discovered this blog. Will follow your posts in the future for sure.
    Congrats on your 100th and happy blending!

  • Mspaulsmith

    could you help me. i am very new to blender and 3d animation. i created my first model and all was running smoothly until i tried to render for the first time. the render was incomplete. however, since then, my computer is running very slow and in particular, blender painfully slow. now every time i go to make a minor change, i have to wait a few secs to see what changed. My computer was fine before this so smthg happened at point of render.
    I have deleted all files, but still everything is running slow. Any advice?
    Also, i was making changes to the face of my model using mirror but i for got to put clipping on. Much later, i noticed that there is a hole in the mouth along the mirror line. i tried to cntrl – z several times but unfortunately the backtrack will not go far back enough to correct the clipping error. Any suggestions on how i can joint the open points. there are no points to join whilst the mirror is still on.


  • Oana

    Hi! sorry but except “restart” and “look for bak and temp files” I have no other idea on this. Sounds like a memory issue, large scenes take large amounts of computing power. Also blend files can get big, so between them and bak files you should check the free space on your disk. I have a good machine now so I get less of this problem.

    The mirror modifier can be turned on and off at any point during work without affecting geometry, same the clipping setting.

    You could get better advice if you post on blenderartists.org in the corresponding forum sections, adding the blend file or some screenshots, people are very helpful over there.

    Best luck!

  • Gil

    Hi Oana,congratulations for your 100th post 🙂
    I stopped for a while(unfortunately)using Blender,because for the architecture visualization that i’am working on those days,i find it much easier using SU.
    I know that Blender has more quality and options,but somehow i just couldn’t bring my self to control and understand it’s huge interface in order to complete a project of architecture.I spent more then 6 months on&off trying to get something out of it.I guess that my big mistake was that i tried to jump few steps a head,and my advise to new users is to start from the early beginning and stick to it,putting all temptations of jumping stages.
    Nevertheless I miss Blender a lot,and admire all it’s big community,and especially people like you that gives their precious time,in order to help other people,like me,to know and understand better this beautiful and powerful tool.
    So maybe one day when I’ll find the courage to face it again,I’ll be back 🙂 in the meantime please continue with your excellent work,because it gives hope to people like me :-).
    and please excuse me for writing such a long message/confession.
    All the best

  • carlos

    hi oana, I want to help you make your blog tutorials, but I still need to learn lots of stuff about blender internals and cycles, could we work together?

  • Oana

    Hi Gil, thanks for the long message! You are right, when getting into Blender the best way is to take time to follow some of the begginers tuts for using the program, also it helps if you don’t have to switch to other equivalent programs (if there is such thing 🙂 ). Wish you luck with your work and hope to hear from you again!

    These days I had to take some time off work and take care of some family/mom stuff. I hope to get back to nr 101 post soon! I keep track of what’s new on the Blender community and it’s hard to stay away for long 🙂

    @carlos, thank you for your offer, as I just said I am not working for a short period and can’t do much but follow a bit the forums, but I’ll remember it as soon as I can get some Blender time in. I really hope to be able to make new posts soon!

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  • just found a reference to your site from a Blender Artist thread… nice work… might be bugging you on some Arch Rendering stuff here later on if you don’t mind…