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Whether your scene could use them for a bit of extra detail and realism or just because the client requested it – you have to be prepared to insert them: the happy, carefree cutout people 🙂 (yes, they are usually smiling)
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Blendermama 100

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Welcome to my number 100 post on Blendermama!

I have started this blog in 2009 so maybe 100 is not that large a number for the given period. I had first met Blender a long time ago (almost 10 years actually) but the “mama” part was added that year.  I have made some stops on the way, stumbled a bit over the 2.5 threshold, promised stuff then didn’t make time to deliver it. The Blender world and archviz industry are both moving fast around me and I feel it’s a tough task to keep a blog afloat and interesting on this subjects on a mum-working-from-home schedule.
But I am very pleased. Blendermama is my pet project and pressing “publish” on my 100th post will put a big smile on my face! Working with Blender and connecting with the Blender community is important to me.
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Trees: Arbaro and Ngplant comparison

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I’m growing trees! I feel like Mother Nature 🙂


Tree created in Ngplant

The tree week in Nature Academy is a bit different. For the rocks and grass the recipes were rather straight. But trees are more complex matter and I didn’t perceive the tutorial like a clear cut solution, more like a starting point as people try to get more realism, pruning the tree to their computer capability and looking at other tree-creation software. Fortunately my computer handles the more heavy settings and didn’t crash at all, just slows down at certain points.  I managed to follow the tutorial, but straying from its exact settings to get a personal image seems more difficult than with the first ones.

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No architecture!

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Something is missing! What! no human mark on the landscape except for a small footpath?

This is my personal scene based on the grass tutorial in Andrew Price’s Nature Academy. I had fun following such a non-architectural subject – something rather new for me – hence the butterflies in the foreground 🙂 The distant hills are not very convincing but maybe I’ll try to improve that later.

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Nature academy

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Well I did it and checked into the academy:


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