Nature academy


Well I did it and checked into the academy:


I was struggling with grass some time ago, also I want to try 3d trees that seem to be so hip now in archviz but don’t have the patience and time to put it all together… I knew about Arbaro but it’s too time consuming to go find and sort out tutorials all around the Internet so I took the shortcut. One other thing that convinced me was – all images were rendered with Blender Internal! And it’s hard to resist an image like this:


So I should be good and do my homework now so I don’t get remorse for spending all this money (197$). My pretext was to improve and finish the course with a good bunch of library items and stunning gallery images though you might have guessed: sounds like great fun and indeed I spent the first morning on the course not following tutorials but browsing the portal!

But I hope to post some nice grassy images here soon 🙂

Meanwhile I have some other Blendermama topics pending so I’d better get back to work!

  • Carrozza

    Cool, well done!
    Let us know how you find the course.

  • Oana

    Course is going well, I am almost through with first tutorial but still working on a personal scene based on it. Will post soon about it!

  • greg p

    I was unable to join this Nature Academy, there is another one in October, I can’t wait to do it!
    I only found your site today, but will be back, it looks very nice.
    Are you using Luxrender or other renderers?
    I look forward to seeing how the Blender Guru series shows in your works.

  • Oana

    Welcome to my page! No, for the moment I am using just Blender Internal though from time to time I try testing something different but nothing has worked better for me.