…in between projects


I have happily finished my current project so I have some time now to finish a nice new post for the “how to” section. I’m even looking up html syntax to make nice links inside the post! I’m showing just a bit of wireframe so you know it was a “dense” week 🙂 Just needed to say, Blender and BI didn’t let me down. Can’t wait to get on to the new 2.62 release this week!

There were a lot of multiplying modules in this one, so I used a lot of arrays and instances (alt+D). It wasn’t so bad but I kept feeling there should be a better way for doing this. The arrays are good but too rigid,  the repetitions had voids here and there so I had to stop the array and make a new one. I want now to experiment with dupliverts, but after my first tests today.. at first I liked them and then I realised maybe I wasn’t getting much more from it than from just instancing. I’ll have to test some more, should try to make a personal project around this. I also remember seeing a post some time ago about an improved array modifier but can’t find it right now…


  • Roman

    Is it “Advanced Modifier Array” that you are talking about?

    p.s: awesome site!

  • Carrozza

    I wouldn’t dare falling into that wire trap! ^__^

    About arrays and dupliverts I hear you: they are powerful tools but sometimes it feels like they have much more potential than what we see now.

    Can’t wait to see what you are cooking for us, mama!

  • Oana

    Thanks Roman 🙂 yes, that was it!
    Hi Carrozza! 🙂 Hope to be ready tomorrow with the new post. Lots of snow here, kid has a cold, so we’re staying inside, getting more work done 😛