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Mapping a texture on an object means arranging the way a texture assigned to the object covers it, its scale and orientation. For me it’s like pasting wallpaper to something, or gift wrapping, only 3d has a few more options like scaling and repeating and, of course, “undo” 🙂

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Currently blending: recycling bin

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I’m posting this just for the fun of it:

Sometimes weird projects throw themselves my way. A friend needed a nice image of a recycling bin so I thought I could easily model one for him.

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Bump and reflection artifact spotted

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The few past Blender releases have boasted some improved bump settings in the texture influence panel:

However, setting the Best Quality bump mapping for a material that gets reflected results in weird artifacts in the reflected image.

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Currently blending: elevator interior

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These days I’m busy with a set of presentation renderings for elevator interiors. More like product presentation than archviz but a good work&blending opportunity.

I was a bit worried about managing this in Blender internal because I have never tried this kind of close-up detailed shiny image.
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Completed project – kitchen

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Here it is, rendered with Blender Internal, mostly modelled by me. Apples are from Blogoscopia, books from Archibase.


Kitchen interior – practice render from photograph. Source:  Dwell magazine & remodelista.

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