Currently blending: recycling bin


I’m posting this just for the fun of it:

Sometimes weird projects throw themselves my way. A friend needed a nice image of a recycling bin so I thought I could easily model one for him.

Well, IĀ  spent more than an hour on that detail on top, using the boolean modifier… over and over again just getting the most ugly mesh errors. I remembered reading about a free software called Meshmixer that puts mesh parts together nicely and thought I could glue that top part onto the bin with it.. but went to their website and couldn’t download the application. So I gave up and just had the two things juxtaposed and finally got an ok result, though there is no nice blend between the two parts.

But that detail improved a bit when I used subsurface scattering for the material. It’s the first time I try this, and as I don’t render human models (or aliens), what better pretext than a big plastic bin? šŸ™‚ I had a small problem, shadows seem to disappear on the sss material so I randomly decreased some settings I know nothing about and I got a decreased sss effect and some shadow.

So here it is:


Maybe I get to use that for an archviz scene sometime šŸ™‚