Remesh modifier


This was supposed to be my “weekend quick fun render” but instead we made a snowman and other real weekend things so I didn’t get to it until today. It’s not a finished and polished image, just a fun test I spent a couple of hours doing. I had the idea I could use the new Remesh modifier in Blender 2.62 to make some kind of feature wall so I put in some bar stools and played a bit with the settings.

I started with a subdivided cube, then used Blender sculpting that I can use, but not too well, just to make some shapes. Over that I applied Remesh, and selected the Blocks option. I also added a small Bevel. I’m sure you can make something better using this but I only made a couple of tests, then went to light my scene in Cycles. Maybe I get back to it sometimes and make it into a proper scene but I think it looks cool enough for a short test.

Here is a screenshot:

..and some other images that popped out of this:

..actually I like the next one more, though you don’t need to go to all that trouble to model it! 🙂