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Nature academy

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Well I did it and checked into the academy:


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First an admiring nod at the new splash screen:

blog-blender 2.58

The new Blender 2.58 release comes with a new tiny but useful feature, “empty image display”

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Completed project – kitchen

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Here it is, rendered with Blender Internal, mostly modelled by me. Apples are from Blogoscopia, books from Archibase.


Kitchen interior – practice render from photograph. Source:  Dwell magazine & remodelista.

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Cycles renderer for Blender

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I couldn’t resist and downloaded the Cycles build (that means, a test version of Blender that includes an all new unbiased modern render engine). I am all for Blender internal renderer mainly because I have too little time to switch between software and waiting for long rendering times. And I like the results I’m beginning to get with Blender Internal! So I will not go to the fancy external renderer but if the fancy renderer will come  to me fully integrated in Blender I won’t mind it so much.

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Tested today a new addon,  still in developement, detalis are here: inset extrude


I installed it and I liked it. Not yet “user friendly” to install (it is still in developement) but a good promise for future modelling Blender tools that will make it more accesible to architectural visualisation.

Possible use as illustrated above – window frames, panelled furniture, picture frames….

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