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I haven’t upgraded my computer yet but having a bit of time on my hands I was tempted again to test Cycles.
The new BETA official 2.61 release shows a friendlier Cycles but I’m still a bit confused with material and even light settings.
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Currently blending… the Future

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I have been musing for almost a month over the “Future” competition, thinking a lot and doing nothing. Now it’s almost submission time and all of a sudden a composition managed to take shape, this very morning, from an idea I had last night before falling asleep. Very little chance to finish it now, with four days left and like 3-4 hours available for work a day… and I promised I will not stay late at work anymore except it’s something really really major…
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Currently blending: small box house

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I have started on a new personal project just to practice all sorts of stuff I’ve learned during the past months. Also, my Blender gallery badly needs improvement.

It is a small house but I plan to add more detail and insert it in a nice “lake at dusk” scene.

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Currently blending: recycling bin

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I’m posting this just for the fun of it:

Sometimes weird projects throw themselves my way. A friend needed a nice image of a recycling bin so I thought I could easily model one for him.

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Currently blending: elevator interior

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These days I’m busy with a set of presentation renderings for elevator interiors. More like product presentation than archviz but a good work&blending opportunity.

I was a bit worried about managing this in Blender internal because I have never tried this kind of close-up detailed shiny image.
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