Currently blending… the Future


I have been musing for almost a month over the “Future” competition, thinking a lot and doing nothing. Now it’s almost submission time and all of a sudden a composition managed to take shape, this very morning, from an idea I had last night before falling asleep. Very little chance to finish it now, with four days left and like 3-4 hours available for work a day… and I promised I will not stay late at work anymore except it’s something really really major…

But I was so drawn to the subject and had enjoyed so much the Nature competition that I’ll give this a try and see how far can I get. Actually there is not much left to do: just model a futuristic train, make from scratch an original futuristic interior design and fill a landscape that stretches to the far horizon with vegetation and buildings and some solar or aeolian gadgets. Piece of cake. … aaarghhhh…. 🙂

Anyway, even if I don’t make it to deadline, an interesting gallery image might result at some later point.

My vision for the future is not destructive. Earth would be clean and healthy, with lots of vegetation and restored landscape. Housing solutions for the dense population will be elegant, using the vertical but not in the form of inhuman high rise but something like floating layers of building like a breathing network over the natural landscape. Living space will be kept small to accommodate more people but compensation will be offered by the increased comfort and personalisation modern technology and virtual reality can offer, along with real, exciting outdoor and indoor public spaces. Commuting will be reduced as virtual technology will allow people to interact well and work from a distance, while enjoying life in a real community;  transportation will be just left for travel and emergency, through efficient and nonpolluting semi-public transportation. Mankind love for cars and possession of “the latest model” will be transferred to all kind of innovative gadgets with wheels or wings that can be neatly folded and stored in the umbrella stand after a fun flight under the blue sky.

Of course I have no real clue how this can actually take shape so I will just hint to it through various elements and try to make a nice image.

And now to google “train images”… 😛

  • Carrozza

    Interesting point of view, hope you’ll manage to realize these concepts in CG, that would be cool.