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Currently blending – summer thoughts

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We”ll be off to a one week seaside vacation on Monday so I don’t feel like starting a brand new blend. Instead –  after looking at tons of pictures of seaside resorts in search of accommodation – I thought of reviving and revamping an older test of a simple house with a swimming pool:


Right now the image is a bit flat, textures are almost invisible and there is not much detail to it but i think it offers a nice blank canvas.

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Currently blending…(wood textures)

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I spent a lot of time between Gimp and Cgtextures today trying to find/edit a good match for the wood textures in my interior reference (floor and back wall). I started out with the idea of recreating that scene as closely as I can but I don’t want necessarily to get it “exactly so” and then have people guess which is the photo and which is the my render.  However I spent the morning trapped with trying to get those wooden textures exactly. After several attempts I managed this:

texturi lemn01

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