Currently blending: small box house


I have started on a new personal project just to practice all sorts of stuff I’ve learned during the past months. Also, my Blender gallery badly needs improvement.

It is a small house but I plan to add more detail and insert it in a nice “lake at dusk” scene.

For this one I thought of working all the interior parts – the inside of walls and furniture – on a different layer I can then light with “this layer only” lights, so the lighting scheme is more manageable and I can properly lit the interior for the “dusk” thing.

The inside of walls was really easy to separate as I used the solidify modifier to model them: I assigned a different material to the new faces, then I selected by material in edit mode and separated the faces to a new object.

It’s also a good example for a post I am preparing on texture mapping, so ..stay tuned and see how it turns out 🙂


  • Carrozza

    Ciao Oana,
    is always interesting to see your work going on.
    I’ll be glad to see your post about texturing, I find it a topic quite hard to grasp.

  • Oana

    Ciao Carrozza!
    I use both main Blender mapping methods, UV mapping and generated. Now I am preparing a post about using generated mapping with texture space, later I will try one for UV mapping – that will be a tough one 🙂

  • Tim

    Excellent, That’s much like the house I’m trying to model ( a box design, but possibly will add a barely pitched roof)

    I’ve enjoyed several of your tutorials, especially the one showing the image to plane technique , awesome.


  • Oana

    Hi Tim, thanks for writing! I would be happy if you wanted to share more about your project 🙂

  • greg p

    I was about to start on the arch-viz idea, will be interesting to see how you do it, especially textures.I am attempting Blenderella,buildings and cars, youch!

  • Oana

    Hi Greg, glad to hear more people are interested to use Blender for archviz! Keep in touch!