Flying in space


Today I discovered “Fly navigation” in the view menu. Shortcut Shift+F. This is also my first screencast test so if you are not fond of long pointless amateur mute screencasts you might want to skip this.

This is not about nice renders, but I need to check some designs for my own living room (have to accommodate a ceiling AC unit without the right kind of ceiling- long story) and I thought I could use some kind of wievport scene navigation to take a better look and show someone else. It’s obvious I don’t have much experience with doom games as I find it a bit difficult to stay on a trajectory and I keep bumping into things. But with some practice could this be a useful little trick to use in design stage when discussing a project? It is kind of a simple real time walk through, without having to prepare an animation. I know there is also a way to use the game engine to do something like this but I’m not there yet.  Did anyone try this and find it useful?

Back to Fly navigation: starts with shift+F then move the mouse slooowly around, scroll to move back and forts and MMB to pan. Movement speeds up as you move the mouse away from the center of the image. It’s better if you set the scene so it looks ok in the viewport in a solid or textured mode. Textures show up correctly if uv mapped, or else I just assigned an appropriate diffuse colour and set the object to display as solid in the object panel.

Categories : Interface, Workflow