Sketching with the Grease pencil


As before I was sidetracked. I am preparing a simple post on the solidify modifier (have been for two weeks..) and was trying to create a simple building to use as an example, kind of generic but more interesting than a cube, with nice openings. What came out was not looking right and I thought I should get some paper to sketch a proper composition. But I felt lazy and had misplaced my pencil. Then I got the idea to try and use the grease pencil instead. Of course it was much more fun 🙂


This tool has several uses and settings. You can for instance convert the sketch to actual blender objects and edit them, or stick them on other objects surfaces, things I did not experiment. But a clear simple use I can see in architectural visualisation is a nice integration of the freehand sketching part with the 3d modelling phase. I used the camera view, started with a basic model and doodled the windows. I was also too lazy to dig for my Wacom tablet so I’m not sure if it works with Blender. It would be great and much easier than using the mouse – promise as soon I find my tablet I will test this.

You can sketch on several layers, colors, widths and opacity, then hide them. After sketching I turned back to the model and started cutting loops with my sketch as reference in the camera view. Really cool!


I hope you’ll enjoy testing this!

  • Di

    Hey, this is a great idea! It’s useful to get some basic thoughts on how the design might look and then implement them right away in the model! love it..!..

  • Archi

    emmmmmm always i think how can i use it in arch works

    thx for the information:)