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Mountain trail

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Sorry, still not an architectural visualization exactly but I’m getting closer 🙂
This is week 2 result “rocks”. I strayed from the official tutorial and tried this scene:



No architecture!

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Something is missing! What! no human mark on the landscape except for a small footpath?

This is my personal scene based on the grass tutorial in Andrew Price’s Nature Academy. I had fun following such a non-architectural subject – something rather new for me – hence the butterflies in the foreground 🙂 The distant hills are not very convincing but maybe I’ll try to improve that later.

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Nature academy

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Well I did it and checked into the academy:


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Currently blending – summer thoughts

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We”ll be off to a one week seaside vacation on Monday so I don’t feel like starting a brand new blend. Instead –  after looking at tons of pictures of seaside resorts in search of accommodation – I thought of reviving and revamping an older test of a simple house with a swimming pool:


Right now the image is a bit flat, textures are almost invisible and there is not much detail to it but i think it offers a nice blank canvas.

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Last week I was doodling something to use solidify on, I didn’t go too far on details or materials and it came out like this:


When modelling for architectural visualisation in Blender you don’t want to miss the solidify tool. It is a precision tool and replaces for me the simple offset function any cad software has and Blender still lacks. I was happy to find it has been improved with the new Blender release and upgraded from the mesh menu to the modifiers panel with some extra useful settings.

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