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Future developements

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I thought I could post my progress on the Future competition image. I managed to spend some time on it today but only on the nature part of it. I found a sky image I really liked, edited it a bit so it would fit the background and set up the lighting with Environment light -> sky texture. Added one point light for now, I will fiddle with lights more if needed when I make the interior.

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…Back to Nature (academy)

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Last night I managed to submit an image to the Nature Academy end-of-season contest. I didn’t go through all the tutorials yet as I didn’t have much time lately, but I really wanted to participate in this!

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Currently blending: small box house

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I have started on a new personal project just to practice all sorts of stuff I’ve learned during the past months. Also, my Blender gallery badly needs improvement.

It is a small house but I plan to add more detail and insert it in a nice “lake at dusk” scene.

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Trees: Arbaro and Ngplant comparison

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I’m growing trees! I feel like Mother Nature 🙂


Tree created in Ngplant

The tree week in Nature Academy is a bit different. For the rocks and grass the recipes were rather straight. But trees are more complex matter and I didn’t perceive the tutorial like a clear cut solution, more like a starting point as people try to get more realism, pruning the tree to their computer capability and looking at other tree-creation software. Fortunately my computer handles the more heavy settings and didn’t crash at all, just slows down at certain points.  I managed to follow the tutorial, but straying from its exact settings to get a personal image seems more difficult than with the first ones.

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…mountain trail continued

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Same scene, but after some feedback received, I got the depth of field out (I was too keen on testing compositing stuff):


Don’t worry, I won’t be posting every new rock and weed I blend, I just needed to get the right version online instead of the blurry one.

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