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Weekend special – exterior rendering

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Over the weekend I had a little time and suddenly decided to patch up and embellish a simple model I had made some time ago to illustrate a post on the solidify modifier. I had it in the gallery and it was a bit of an eyesore, hope it looks better now.

It is not a real design so don’t look too far into its architecture (or I’d rather say… please don’t!), I didn’t bother much with the measurements… it just grew there…

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House on the lake – final cut

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This is what finally happened to the dusk image, I tried to address part of the things pointed out in your comments, like I added an area light with a weird color trying to fake the light reflected from the water, and moved camera and trees a bit to give more depth to the image by having something in the foreground. Thank you very much for the input! I don’t have much time unfortunately so I stopped trying to make this perfect (especially as the scene is very slow now), maybe will try some other light conditions and angles when I get to it.
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Currently blending… house+dusk+lake

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I’m still in the “finishing stage” with this one, have been at it for some time and would really want to get on to something else, but I’m very slow at rounding it up – meaning the final color adjustments, maybe some detail twitching, the perfect crop… this is what happens when I’m the “client”! Well, next week I really mean to put this into the gallery and the file on a shelf. These trees are killing me 🙂 I would love to get a bit of feedback!

In a nutshell: since Blender 2.59, objects in groups used with particles have global x axis aligned with the emitter surface normal.

Featured image is a detail from my current lakeside house project.
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Future city – competition entry

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Finished in time to submit my image. It was great fun and I am pleased with it, though I could have worked some more on a couple of details.

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