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Line drawing in Blender

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Today I just felt like doing something else and the last scene I blended seemed suitable for an orthographic edge render.
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Precision work in Blender

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Without pretending to be a cad drafting tool, Blender has more precision functions than people usually believe. Everything can be built with the greatest accuracy. I really value this and it was a decisive point when switching to Blender as my full time modelling and visualising tool.
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Finished project – Cycles interior

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Today I needed to have one nice finished Cycles scene as a test for something my husband is working on (later I will write about this too) so I dropped everything else and finished my pet Cycles interior scene.
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The addiction of virtual visualising

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3D visualisations for architecture are a necessary tool but at one point this can become an addiction. Here I am, blending a simple picture display for my living room wall. It’s true my husband is not an architect and it’s a good idea for him to have a clear image of what’s in my head before he starts hammering nails in the wall. But the hidden truth is that I just can’t help doing it.
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I wrote about this before but I keep forgetting about it and get to bang my head on a wall until I remember: Got to apply scale!!! So I’ll put it up into the “how to” section, fixes chapter.
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