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Batch rendering multiple files (windows)

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This is not directly archviz related, doesen’t even come with a nice image, but found it a great time saver so thought I’d share.

The project I’m working right now presented a special challenge: I got 21 blender files to edit and render separately (it’s a presentation of elevator interiors, with many variations I could not help but making separate files). Yesterday I was really caught with having to prepare in a hurry a whole set of drafts and I hoped I will be able to do a batch render of all the 21 files so I started googling the way to do it.

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Future developements

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I thought I could post my progress on the Future competition image. I managed to spend some time on it today but only on the nature part of it. I found a sky image I really liked, edited it a bit so it would fit the background and set up the lighting with Environment light -> sky texture. Added one point light for now, I will fiddle with lights more if needed when I make the interior.

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Blender 2.6 is here

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It’s a bit strange, as the Blender 2.6 release came out, few visible changes are to be noticed, and I think that was a bit disappointing for those who thought this was the much expected B-mesh and Cycles release. Actually these great new features will be added in the December 2.61 release. I think the major feature in this release is the Chinese interface, as suggested by the cool splash image 🙂

Actually Blender 2.6  is a “fine tuning” release that tries to fix and finish all the new stuff that has been tested in the 2.5 series. New features are more difficult to spot but I have read the release notes and have found a couple of things that interested me.

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Blending in the kitchen

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My own kitchen has seen a great deal of blending this year in the form of creamy soups or fruit puree but now I have put it into my computer Blender. I’m trying to decide on some extra shelving that we’ll  probably get from Ikea.

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Currently blending: elevator interior

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These days I’m busy with a set of presentation renderings for elevator interiors. More like product presentation than archviz but a good work&blending opportunity.

I was a bit worried about managing this in Blender internal because I have never tried this kind of close-up detailed shiny image.
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