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Blender Wiki improved

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Really nice surprise, the Blender Wiki pages look much more organised and updated and easy to read. There are different release wiki parts and I think much has been added to the current 2.5 version. There are also many translated pages.

Blender 2.5 Wiki


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Blender 2.59

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I have returned from a short internetless vacation and was happy to find:


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First an admiring nod at the new splash screen:

blog-blender 2.58

The new Blender 2.58 release comes with a new tiny but useful feature, “empty image display”

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Quickstart help

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Blendermama doesn’t have a beginners page right now since all my beginner’s efforts were made for Blender 2.49 and never got to upgrade them. I really like visual, to the point and well organised materials so I loved this page you might have noticed on Blendernation a few days ago: Blender Quickstart so I’ll just post the link here. I will certainly use it as inspiration for my Blender-archviz-quickstart page when I get there.

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