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I tested this on Blender 2.61 as soon as I saw it on Blendernation despite the decision I had made to stay away from work a few days and tidy up the house before New Year.

Blender Window Generator Script from DragonLEE on Vimeo.

Seems to work well and I was astonished such a tool can pop up just like that… Santa must have something to do with it 😉
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Christmas competition entry

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..and here it is! Merry Christmas! 🙂
..Are they helping with decorating the tree or are they helping themselves to some Christmas candy?…

I used Cycles for this, here are some production details:
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Just a bit of fun

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Instead of testing Cycles glass settings and working on her archviz portfolio Blendermama got carried away with season mirth. With all the renders of snowmen and Santa and ornaments around and having developed a sort of addiction for Blenderguru contests I couldn’t help giving the Xmas one a try. I think this is the lightest 3d image I ever made, seems that I am expanding my portfolio! The image above is just a peep in the scene, still working on it, guess what’s going on? 🙂 I’m also rendering it with Cycles, works great! I’ll post the finished image in a couple of days.


The addiction of virtual visualising

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3D visualisations for architecture are a necessary tool but at one point this can become an addiction. Here I am, blending a simple picture display for my living room wall. It’s true my husband is not an architect and it’s a good idea for him to have a clear image of what’s in my head before he starts hammering nails in the wall. But the hidden truth is that I just can’t help doing it.
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I wrote about this before but I keep forgetting about it and get to bang my head on a wall until I remember: Got to apply scale!!! So I’ll put it up into the “how to” section, fixes chapter.
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