Vacation over…



This is not a render 🙂 but a happy moment in Corfu Greece. It’s also not blender related – I must admit I didn’t even think of Blender while taking the picture – but wanted to let people know I’m back from my vacation and share a bit of sea blue with anyone needing it.

I should be working already but I have been feeling really and unusually weary today, maybe something related to the flight?

Hope I’ll feel better tomorrow as I have been keeping an eye on Blender guru’s Nature academy teasers and I have a mind to join in if budget allows (price has been a great mystery up to now).

Categories : Just talking
  • Carrozza

    Welcome back Oana, great picture there; you gotta have had great time in Greece!

    I complete agree about Nature Academy, I think Andrew Price hit the nail on the head choosing the topic.

  • Oana

    Thanks! I just wish it lasted longer, not just one week…