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Blog stuff – comments fixed

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Something was wrong with adding comments, I changed the CAPTCHA thingy and it seems to work now.
I hope this was the only reason no one wrote anything anymore 🙁
Sorry for the annoyance!

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Blog stuff

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I finally got to upgrading the Why Blender page from the old version written two years ago. The perspective is a bit different now with the new Blender 2.5

My next Blendermama – goal is to organise practical information on the site in some way. I am not aiming for another Blenderwiki but I noticed I had trouble finding specific articles on other sites so I thought this type of website – claiming to offer useful technical information – should also help readers find it easily. Searching stuff on the internet is such a time waster! At the moment there is not too much stuff on my blog and mostly blabber, but it will grow steadily from here on. This time I’m sure!

Back to work now..

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Currently blending…

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On and off I have been working on a friend’s project. Luckily he wasn’t in much of a hurry…

It’s a small family house to be built near Bucharest.

I’d rather model any project myself but this model was already built in cad and transferred to max, so I used a 3ds max export – just to see how can I use an imported model. It opened wery well in Blender, keeping object names. If correct settings are set when importing in max from autocad, you can have objects derived from layers, using the layer’s names. No errors appeared on the meshes, so I was set to go with a blank canvas.

This project was really useful to me. Not bothered with modelling, I could directly test various light setups and this is the one that seemed to work best:

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Blender 2.57 is out and Blendermama restarts 🙂
Still full time mom and still little time to blog but just as enthusiastic about Blender.

A few lines to fill in the gap – over a year has passed since my last post.

First of all and most important, Blender works! I have been able to use it since the alpha version and it showed to be, well, reliable, at least for the work I’m doing – architectural visualisation. I have been saving often but no real problems appeared.
I have been working on a few small projects – small residential, a hotel contest and a.. moon colony 😛 – and Blender did not let me down. I am much more confident than I was a year before, so much that I have accepted a couple of commercial projects and it all came out well.

For me nothing beats a real world project to really learn stuff. Just experimenting around on my own is not challenging and motivating enough. Taking on a client’s project – and on a deadline – revealed issues I never encountered when just playing around in Blender on my own. Sure, taking on a project when not really sure what you are doing can cause some anxiety and late nights.. ugh. The Blender blogging community was very helpful to me and though it’s difficult to take the time, I really try to follow the blenderheads and the great tutorials out there.

I am using only the Blender internal renderer right now, as I consider it best for a good work flow and for keeping project deadlines. I got good results from it and I feel that I’m getting constantly better at it.

I have been using the new stable release for a couple of weeks now and at first glance I couldn’t see any change from the beta release except from the splash screen 🙂 I had to read the overview from Blender cookie to discover the new stuff. The solidify modifier sounds like a really great addition and a post on it on Blendermama is on the works.

I have tried to upgrade the blog a bit, with a new image and a Gallery page I soon hope to fill. Old tutorials for Blender 2.49 are still here, I will try to update them in time to 2.5 – or make new better ones.

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Empty post

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For today just a Blender word of wisdom: if everything else fails, try using an “empty”!


You can make a camera target from it, adjust mapping coordinates, mirror and array and probably everything else that has eluded you in Blender 🙂

Happy blending!